Our SKYLINEWINES Collection of 2016 vintage is a set of classy, fine-fruity wines,

in which everyone will find their favorite!

SKYLINEWINES collection 2016.

Straightforward wines, one quality.


The SKYLINEWINES collection : Uncomplicated wines,

typical of their variety, harmonious, stimulating and just fun.



  • Pinot gris "grey" and "oaked grey", both great dry wines.


  • "pino yay!", the first wine in camouflage - a dry cuvée of Chardonnay & pinot blanc.


  • Riesling "white" and Silvaner & Sauvignon Blanc "silver" as dry to semi-dry wines.


  • The fruit explosion "don´t be so shy" out of Scheurebe and a sweet Siegerrebe Cuvée "gold" for lovers of sweet and fruity wines.


  • Rosé all day! Merlot as "summer rosé" and Cabernet Sauvignon as "winter rosé".






"grey" 2016 Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris)


100% Pinot Gris, grown in Rheinhessen on heavy clayish marl interspersed with limestone - our "terroir". SKYLINEWINES "grey" Pinot Gris is straightforward, with typical burgundy melt.


An elegant wine, nevertheless fine and tangy and with pleasantly subtle acidity and aromas of honeydew melon, apple and quince.



"oaked grey" 2016 Pinot Gris oaked


SKYLINEWINES "oaked grey" is a strong Pinot Gris, matured for 7 months on the lees with a

pronounced vanilla nose in addition to the fine fruitaromas of the Pinot Gris.


Very round, powerful and harmonious, combining cool minerality with ripe aromas from pear, apricot and honeydew melon to a multi-faceted Flavor profile.



"white" 2016 Riesling


SKYLINEWINES „white“ is a filigree Riesling that perfectly complements the SKYLINEWINES collection with its fine fruity, fresh style.


A subtle citrus note and the stimulating acidity make our Riesling very refreshing and invigorating.




"silver" 2016 Silvaner & Sauvignon Blanc


Sylvaner & Sauvignon Blanc as "silver" come together to a pleasant, honest white wine.


Tradition meets modernity - our fruity and elegant Silvaner in combination with the lively and energetic Sauvignon Blanc gives a great wine that delights with its Lugana flavors.






"gold" 2016 Siegerrebe-Cuvée


SKYLINEWINES "gold" is a white wine cuvée that beguiles with its succinct fruit and nutmeg and rose aromas. A golden taste that develops after the first sip and flatters the palate with real reverberation. The exclusive flavors of the old grape variety Siegerrebe come to the fore here and give SKYLINEWINES "gold" a certain extravagance!




"rosé" 2016 Merlot Rosé

Gemacht aus 100% Merlot Trauben, die von der Sonne Rheinhessens verwöhnt und liebevoll von uns gepflegt wurden. Fein und prickelnd am Gaumen, mit einzigartiger, feinfruchtiger Aromatik und einem spannenden Spiel zwischen Süße & Säure ist dieser harmonische Rosé ein perfekter Begleiter zu allen Gelegenheiten!



ist der erste Wein im Camouflage Look. Nicht dass er sich verstecken müsste - im Gegenteil!

Die beiden Rebsorten Chardonnay und Weissburgunder vereinen sich in PINO YAY! zu einer harmonischen Geschmacks-Symphonie zwischen Frische und Schmelz. Ein dezentes Burgunder Cuvée - ausgewogen, elegant und lebendig. Die perfekte Tarnung für einen gemütlichen Abend.



Etwas ganz Besonderes ist die aufregende Scheurebe "don´t be so shy". Im November geerntet, schön ausgereift und mit einer feinen, dezenten Restsüße. Manchmal muss man sich einfach etwas trauen! Die Rebsorte Scheurebe ist einst entstanden aus einer Kreuzung von Riesling und Silvaner.

In SKYLINEWINES "(don´t be so) shy" verführen intensive Noten von Passionsfrucht und tropischen Früchten die Liebhaber fruchtiger Weine.


A wine that can be seen as the German counterpart to the beloved Lugana in your favorite Italian restaurant.


Perfect with asparagus, grilled vegetables, crustaceans and clams, as well as with freshwater fish, but „silver“ matches also perfectly with regional dishes - for example the famous Frankfurt green sauce - and is perfect solo as a companion for a nice evening with friends or at home.


Easily digestible and treated with great drinking pleasure!

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Skyline Fotos Frankfurt

by Jens Hollerith Photography